“Sit and Listen” by Frank Riley

November 17, 2011

Danny Riley’s father Frank Riley has written a book about Danny’s experiences living with brain cancer.  Sit and Listen: Reflections of a Father and Son combine Frank’s storytelling with Danny’s own thoughts, poems and words.  The book is now available here and on Amazon.com.  All proceeds go to the Danny Riley Celebration of Life Fund.

The book relates how Danny lived with brain cancer for almost three years. His father uses Danny’s words and his own reflections to share a compelling tale about music, family, and vigilant caregiving that supported a brave young man on a very difficult journey. While it embraces a tragedy, the story is full of love, joy, and peace, generated by Danny’s own positive spirit. It contains a message of hope for a cure for all those who continue to face this life-threatening disease, especially children and young adults.