care for

what can i do with these curved lines?
what can we feel in this short time?
actually, i dont believe in what i dont care for
and i dont care for time or hate or unhappiness.

all of these different dramas are so intertwined
we may not see it at all but if we only stand tall
peer above the horizon line, see the drop and sphere.

i dont know why we even try sometimes.

everything youve ever done
ever choice youve ever made
in interest of your fortune
and avoidance. youre so afraid.

and its my choice to take a step back and observe,
the dismal haze and sterile ways
in which we go about our lives.

i dont know why we even try sometimes.

and then im reminded of why i care
and what i care for
by the slightest twist on the handle
of that red crusted door.

it holds back all my lust and pain
but rather breathes life to my true desire
where some would find it unpleasing to explain
that floating feeling it sets afire.

but whatever presents itself,
im glad to be here with all of you.
so glad to be here with all of you.
in our mutual ignorance.

remember. we only think about ourselves.
watch me break that.

i choose not to drown out my doubt and fear
but rather stare them down. break them with my mind.
the bottle never had style. only blind guiding guile.