ive seen them walk away

It’s a fair-view lifestyle with little to no escapes
Loud footsteps, muffled shuffles, huming silence, and double brakes.
Knocking cracking in separate dreams of Ethiopian man slaughter
Kingdoms of princes with little barren taverns
With cows who milk and walk away
With tears the shine and dine and wine and laugh themselves away.
Ive seen the land of a thousand arts and its colorful indeed,
But without my heart and nimble ways id be fully covered in greed.

Capo 7th

Ive seen them walk away,
With tears that shine and dine and laugh themselves away.

Ive seen the land of arts,
Its colorful indeed, painted with greed.

With everything at stake,
I choose to stop and seethe, watch myself awake.

Justify my love
Through ports to worlds in which we cant escape

Patron, pave the way
Littered with rust and dust and fragments of the day

Only to pass by
Ive built a heart for which I have but one

(For if you say I need you ill be there to your assist
Any way to please you please do call ill do the trick)

(Entwined the hearts of younger ones
Their eyes in heat and great amore
Throw down his body, free his soul
To grasp his love.)