keep it simple

i dont think they want to hear me speak.
words that cut away at their sharp teeth
spying on your lovely faults
such an insult. to all you hold true.

id love to know how to keep it simple
and how to keep it all in good jest
dry wit and sharp flick like his tongue.
thats the perspective i want to last.
my entire existence.

but what if i drift off into another sleep?
and forget these words that i found by creeping
through fog and shade and dismal days,
and happy smiles and butterflies.

all the music that hath provoked my dreams
and stirred through my soul
awaking inner qualities that otherwise would be so alone.

maybe thats what happened before
before i came to this new form.

and maybe thats where ill end.
after this form finds its death.

i like the lighter weight upon my neck.
its oh so bearable and oh so comfortable.
just enough pressure to hold my head in place
allow me to worry about my love’s distaste.

and ive seen the way you look at me.
we both know its meant to be.
dont even try and lie.