letter #1

im ok with this.
with the way he traces your steps.
with the way you accept his requests.
im ok with this for now.

you make everyone feel special. you know that?
you give everyone hope. you know that?
im addicted to everything about you. you know that?
and im jealous of you and him. you know that?

so if you want to be with me.
if you want to climb this tree.
ive built us a small little swing.
but right now it hangs indefinitly.

truth be told. please be told.
i dont know if im ready for you yet.
and im learning something new each day.
drawing closer always in new ways.

heres my two lines:
loving you is like a perfect song, with highs and lows that complete the harmony. and knowing that its gonna last long, makes it all the more worth while to me.