Poem for Dad’s 63rd

From when I was young
You taught me to sing
Through tongue
Through heart
Through all of me.
I see now
That such a lesson
Is a gift of your spirit
Lacking any comparison.

You lighten my burden
Of life and struggle,
Because of which, I know you to care
Like no other individual.
My wish is
that when I grow old
To carry with me
all that you’ve told
To resemble you
From all perspectives
And to have your heart
From which to love with.

Hear this when I say
That you are a blessing in my life
Every single day.

Thinking of you,
I smile in my heart
Even though you may
Let many deadly farts.
I know to look past the toothpaste
On the mirror,
Because I know your other nickname
Is “The Underwear Smearer.”

Oh no don’t close the trash lid
Youre doing just fine
Just don’t expect me to be
Writing you and special sort of rhymes.
Asleep on the couch
Your dreams awaken
But so does everyone else
Since your snores are quaking.