i found a seed somehow, fell from the coat pocket of that old tired man
who used to hold my hand, but now only talks in his sleep.

i took the other way around. to the park in the dirt
and thats where i laid it down.

i open my mouth and out darts a silver cloud of butterflies
make my spirits rise, the lonely wind is calling me home.

it bloomed with ever such grace
licked the sunlight off of my face.
each pedal carring its own
droplet of water like a perfect gemstone.

it was such a sight, the colors refracting light,
that had never been seen in this gloomy town of sheen.

the purfume was so rich, like the wallets of the big time men
that came to dig their ditch.

and where did it go?
that flower i did sow.
its gone.

Where will i find
that peace of mind?
its gone.

and the sun begins to rise.