Shade From A Gold Tree

giving my heart
shouting your name
tripping on roots
as i walk through your forest.

i come to your tree
with leaves of gold
and bark of diamond
it is all alone.

through the leaves the sun shines
blinding my fixed eyes
the light’s so pure it makes me cry
i turn back and stumble home.

when im back i can only think
of that tree in the forest
if only i could have found its shade.

that night i went back
crept through the woods
like a nimble cat

until i reached the same gold tree
i touched the bark but it felt cold to me
reflecting off the leaves the moon did shine
brighter than ever, burning my eyes.

i took a step back
regained my sense
stood mezmorized by the gold light
lost my will to fight

that night i dreamt
of sitting beneath the tree
and catching its leaves
as they fell down to me.

and when i woke i was there in the shade
the light did shine
but the shade did impair
its harm.