Straight Lines And Curves

those questions about life that cant be seen
are like the sun setting on a horizon scene
as hard as you look out over the water
you wont believe that the world is round.

but of course we know its there
thanks to the sideview
but what if we remian blissfully ignorent?

we know not to believe unless with our eyes
we can see the smoke coil up into the sky.
sat you down and sipped away
at the warm comforts of our memories.

when that headtrip of yours is ever near
drop the text and come lay here
join me as we gaze up at the stars
only our eyes telling us they are far.

so if you percieve these things
and take for granted your daily dreams
ask not how i can show you
the curved line from the straight line.

but of course ill love you anywhere
cause im part of you.