the hemp song

“the seed is prized in other countries for its oil, and its neglect here illustrates the same wasteful use of our natural reasources.”- Luther Burbank

end acid rain
end smog
reverse the greenhouse effect

the suits will lie
to grease their prize

you cant keep this from me
we already have all we need

they waste away our nature seed
and wash it down with tonic greed
they lie to grease their penny prize
while purer hearts do dry their eyes.

there once were sails that caught the wind
while deft young sailors used to grin
pulled them through a sea of storm
and left their minds free of form.

those dark grey clouds you often see
are the smoking entrails of legacy
left behind by lesser men
who curl their lips and scratch their pen.

when ice it melts and spreads out wide
the sun it frowns and often cries
for grieve it must, for its effect
has never been light’s intent.

when the rain does burn
these minds do churn
just another long day
in this world of an ashtray.