trust me with my own disgrace

The oil seeps as the minds sleep,
one must find the place where there is no race
a ticking clock eliminates all stops
trust me with my own disgrace.

The world is kind, but we can be so blind
To the greens and teals that must fuel our zeals.
I see me face as a careless waste,
Someone show me what I should do

For the trees are sagging and the flowers lagging
And I cant see a way for it to stop
And the leaves are burning and the oceans churning
And I cant see a way for it to stop

So what do I do for the magic in you
Oh earth you’ve given me hope
For a greater world as a youthful pearl
Lets all bring this together today.

But I don’t know how to give back the power
That my home has given to me
the future might be a place without a trace
Of what this used to be.