Untitled - September 5, 2005

You are in the room.
Sweat-saturated air flows from between my lips
Like a chain reaction
Your presence is a blank glove
Pressing into my chest
All my breath has gone out
There is nothing to fill me up
And give me life
Nothing to keep my eyes wide
Energy enough to keep my grasp firm
Holding onto whatever you are to me.

My hair is a fiery fortress collapsing
While my chin kisses my neck
I have nothing to say to you
I speak only in dreams
Or so it seems.
Has nothing I’ve said reached your mind?
Or are you more than just blind?

Once again it is I who must change.
But it is not a threat
Ill always love you all the same.
But now my words churn faster than my thoughts
Coming to nothing.
I will stop.
I missed you today.
You where here, yet I missed you.