My name is Daniel Joseph Riley. I am a leader in my high school, an ASB commissioner and active in several socially conscious clubs. I am a musician. I love to play guitar, drums, bass, piano, alto sax, and sing. I am a loving son, born and raised in California. I am an athlete of all sports, but primarily basketball and cross-country running. I am a student of history, language, love, and life. I am a poet and a politician. I am a brother and a boyfriend. I am a philosopher, friend, and comedian. I am a cousin to an enormous family of Irish Catholic heritage. I am the son of a teacher and the son of a priest. I am an optimist. Peace is always an answer. I am a movie-goer, and a sunset-watcher. I am a professional eater and mediocre chef. I am that really annoying kid in your AP Econ class with all the questions. I am white-skinned. I am a lover of learning. I am a lover of the question “why.” I love mashed potatoes and banana pancakes. I love all types of good music. I am an experimentalist. I am a student of patience and modesty. I am a member of the human race. I love to wear Sandals. I love to travel. I am semi-bilingual. I am middle-class. I am interested in the future. I am a brain cancer survivor.