dear god

and im going to seek out your advice. im going to seek out your wisdom. i dont know who you are. i dont know how you exist. but you are everything that is in all of me and all of us. please forgive me for not acknoledging it sooner. but ive been in such a haze my entire life. just give me the strength to admit im wrong. give me the compassion to start anew. give me the happiness to love. you are nature. you are so much more than me. i want to be part of you. i want to experience you through love and charity and laughter and happiness.
so when i am lost and when i am confused and when i am sad, i will come back to you, nature, god, love, soul, world, color, sky, wind, earth. and admit that you are more than i. and that i need you in my life. i will accept everything. a servant to all.
a student of all.