i think you love me

and i thought i should write something. since this has been such a miserable time for me lately. but i dont really want to talk about how sad i feel. cause i do. and its all cause of you. i wonder if you know it. all i want to hear is that youve loved me all along but was too afraid to show it. thats all i want to hear. then ill take you up in my arms and never leave you. weve been alone for so long. or at least i have. youve managed to get the most out of your friends to fill the void. but there isnt a need for that anymore. im here for you. let me be everything you need. are you too afraid to give up what you know and come to me? i think you are. or at least i cant think of any other reasons for why you act the way you do. except that you dont love me. but… you held my hand.
i think you love me. i think youve loved me all along.
so now i wait. for what? i dont know. for you i guess. ill never cease to try for your heart. now its time for you to play your part.