mind veres matter

i wonder at times how much our minds can truly comprehend about the world. because we only use such a small portion of our brains and minds. the capabilities seem endless. but then again, we always fall short of figuring out the world and all its mysteries. could it be possible that one day we will be able to tap into the full potency of our minds and be able to see all? or will the world win out in the end?

mind versus matter.

how many memories can our minds hold? is there a limit? because if there isnt, then that would break all laws of space and matter. proving that the spacial placement of memories has nothing to do with the actual size or logical spacial capacity of the human brain. can something exisit but take up no space at the same time? or does exisiting mean that it has to take up space? the mind is so complex. i think i tend to favor the idea that something doesnt need to take up “space” in order to exist. because think of all your dreams. did they take up space in your head in order for you to experience them? i doubt it. you can maintain whole worlds and whole other lives in your mind. that has to count for something.

i prefer to ask questions. instead of always striving for answers.
life is all questions. no answers.