• 05-22-2019
  • Teen Cancer America (TCA), a non-profit focused on helping teens and young adults with cancer, recently announced a special music program called “Play It Back Songs” that was seven years in the making. Danny’s parents, Frank Riley and Margaret Baker, got involved back in 2012 by giving a donation and by sharing Danny’s journey - particularly how music helped him along the way. In May of 2019, the TCA program officially launched with a concert featuring young cancer survivors performing their original music. Click on the link below to see photos from the event and a video about some young people already benefitting from the program, and to read more about the program and mention of the Riley Family as one of the initial supporters:


  • 06-04-2018
  • On October 28, 2017, family and friends gathered for Danny’s Tenth Remembrance at A Reason to Survive (ARTS), the nonprofit that is home to the Danny Riley Music Program. The music in the background of the video below is Danny playing the guitar.

    For Danny’s Tenth, his family commissioned the San Diego Dance Theater to make a video of an interpretive dance performed to Danny’s song “Mountain’s Edge.” Below is the video:




    For what would have been Danny’s 30th birthday on December 12, 2017, Maggi and Frank wrote a special verse for the Irish lullaby “Danny Boy.” They recorded it with the technical assistance and melodica accompaniment of Fabio Alejandro Rojas Jimenez at Refugio Music Studio. The voices are Maggi’s and Frank’s with Maggi playing the guitar and Frank a short Irish tenor banjo intro