• 12-20-2019
  • December 12, 2019 would have been Danny’s 32nd birthday.

    Above is a picture of Danny’s parents at sunset at the beach where Danny’s ashes were spread twelve years ago. Added to it is a personal reflection from his dad on missing Danny that may relate to the “Missing” others feel on losing a loved one.


  • 05-22-2019
  • Teen Cancer America (TCA), a non-profit focused on helping teens and young adults with cancer, recently announced a special music program called “Play It Back Songs” that was seven years in the making. Danny’s parents, Frank Riley and Margaret Baker, got involved back in 2012 by giving a donation and by sharing Danny’s journey - particularly how music helped him along the way. In May of 2019, the TCA program officially launched with a concert featuring young cancer survivors performing their original music. Click on the link below to see photos from the event and a video about some young people already benefitting from the program, and to read more about the program and mention of the Riley Family as one of the initial supporters: